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A true legal outsourcing office

What does it include

The Smart Company Card may include corporate legal consulting for 6 MONTHS starting from the subscription, drafting written opinions, assistance in drafting contracts and forms, assistance in mediations and transactions and unlimited debt recovery.

What it doesn't include

The Smart Company Card does not include the fees for legal assistance out of court and in court for which, however, a 20% discount on the current forensic rates is provided. The client will receive, in these cases, at the end of the free consultations, a detailed and transparent cost estimate, not subject to subsequent changes, which he will have to approve before subscribing to the professional letter of engagement. The ASC also does not include the expenses related to unified contributions and stamp duty and in general the disbursements.

How much does it cost

The Smart Company Card has a cost of € 3,500 (less than € 300 per month) including VAT (22%) and CAP (4%) and deducts the withholding tax of € 654.94 to be paid by the user, and is valid for 6 MONTHS from the time of activation which takes place at the time of purchase

How to Renew

Smart Card companies do not renew automatically. They expire after 6 months, and only if the company is satisfied can it reactivate it with the same methods as the first activation for another 6 months.

How to purchase

It can be purchased online on this website using a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, or directly at our office using the same methods or with a check.

Do you want to buy it now?

Proceed to purchase by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button and following the instructions that will appear on screen. Online purchase through Credit Card or PayPal is 100% secure.

Any doubts? Do you need clarification?

We are always available to clarify any doubts and help you choose the service that best fits your needs. Call us or send a text or WhatsApp message to the number +33 396206871 or send an email to mail@marcoguercio.it and we will respond immediately.


Abbonamento per 6 MESI dal momento della sottoscrizione al servizio di consulenza e assistenza "Aziende Smart Card".

Prezzo base € 3.274,70 oltre 130,99 di Cassa Forense, 749,25 di IVA e detratta la ritenuta d'acconto di € 654,94 da versare a carico dell'Utente in quanto sostituto d'imposta.

3.500,00 €